Hi All! So I had a hard time thinking about what I wanted to blog about today. We did a lot of interesting discussion to day overall, but usually something sticks out in my head during the day that screams “Blog!” – but I didn’t have that moment today so I’m going to ramble…

I enjoyed our make-your-own-culture game! I found it very interesting that we do automatically act the way our larger society acts with other cultures here. I’m not sure that it’s good or bad to know that – but definitely informative. I went into the activity thinking I could be open to learning another culture, but without being able to research or read about it beforehand, I found I had little to make me feel like I could find a way to fit in. When I travel to other places I’ve at least been able to find something out about the other culture, but in the absence of that I found I did feel the way many immigrants feel I’m sure in this country.

I liked our discussion surrounding Katy’s daily news today. It was a very emotional topic I feel and I think we all kept it together to really discuss what the real issues were. I hope that no one thought I was out of line in describing my personal experiences, but I just felt that sometimes it’s easier to come up with workable solutions when a problem is more personal, or at least closer to you than as esoteric idea. If anyone did not like it then I apologize, but I felt that my experience was worth contributing to the discussion and for further reflection when and if any of us has such a student in our class.

The video was very moving as well. I found the whole thing very interesting – but also sad. I think it’s sad that girls feel that way growing up, any girls. But to know that girls who already have a lot to face feel that even more strongly… And then the doll exercise with the children tore me up. To think that little children of color think of white as being good, when that is the race doing the oppressing, and black as bad, when it’s their own culture – that just blows my mind! That last little girl so badly wanted to be the white baby that it made me want to cry! To see the realization in her eyes say that she was equal to the bad doll was just terrible!

We must find ways to counteract all this negativity in our classrooms when we leave this program. There must be a way to give security and hope to these children. I know how cheesy it may sound to talk about the power of positivity, but it’s true. Being positive and showing things, issues, etc in such a light really can make a difference in how kids view themselves and the world at large.

See you tomorrow – I’m really looking forward to our outing!

k 🙂

2 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. I’ve actually seen that doll video before on youtube–and I can’t remember but I think I cried when I saw it. And you heard them right? 15/21 preferred the white doll. That’s a pretty big percent–near 80%!! These are little kids. Rarely is anyone going to come outright and say that black is bad, but the messages from the media, social context, and the society around us screams that message. It’s the sad reality of this world that we live in, but I’m glad we are not left without hope of change. This calling to teach just really grows deeper and deeper with each passing day.

  2. I agree Kelsey, we have to find a way to counteract the negativity. It will be hard and I’m sure we’ll be faced with opposition, but if we all work as a team, we won’t have to toss “starfish” alone. 🙂

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